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Feedback on Development / Market Programmes



Toronto Sessions 2013


Another excellent Initialize session in Toronto. Our access really seems to continue to open up and we enjoy working with you immensely. Thank you for helping us get access to some of the key industry players.


Arabella Page-Croft, Black Camel Pictures


The meetings that were organized for us, and the contacts we made through the various events, were precisely targeted for our needs. We had considerable success in pitching the projects we needed to make movement on. Congratulations to Ian Davies and his team at Initialize for such another success-orientated, powerhouse industry course.


David Murdoch, Sinner Films


Once again, Initialize has been a key factor in ensuring a most productive outcome from our participation in the Toronto market. Many thanks!


Grand Keir, producer


Thanks for your help making TiFF a great success all round for Scottish Producers. I've had swift follow-up from the various sales agents and financiers you set me up with which I hope will be key in moving my projects forward.


Paul Welsh, producer



Initialize Producers Programme in Cannes 2013


It was also great that the sessions arranged complimented the work I was doing.  For me, they gave a wider understanding of the market and how sales agents operate, as well as a general sense of how to best package my projects going forward.


Innis Moore, producer


The sessions were super. They provided me with an Initialize 'anchor' in what could have been a very disorientating place. As it was my first time in Cannes this was invaluable. The caliber and variety of the companies invited was fantastic. The opportunities for networking were excellent. The selection of the speakers was really wide-ranging which was in itself a great overview.


Kathy Spiers, producer


The line up of speakers assembled by Ian Davies was far more diverse and high profile than the guests featured in the Producer's Network line up!


Having discussed the guests and events we had provided for us by Initialize with producers from different countries they were very impressed by the level of speakers and networking forums we as Scottish producers are provided with by Initialize.


Pamela Hansson, Stargazer Productions


In simple terms this was the best Cannes I have ever experienced.


Peter Broughan, Rob Roy Films




European Finance Update in Berlin 2013


Whilst Toronto was very much a sales agent and distributor fest, this one was crucial as a 'meeting with co-producers' event. Utterly invaluable trip.


David Murdoch, Sinner Films


Really enjoyed the European Financing sessions.


Eric Styles, producer


The two day conference was an excellent refresher on what is available as co-production and where. Most important, it is possible to talk to the producers who also network at the dinner and whisky tasting, both of which were excellent and well organized.


Grant Keir, Faction North


The 2 days at the conference were fantastic and so interesting to see how things had changed or not since last year, really interesting speakers and I really learnt a lot about European funding that may be available for my projects. Thanks again for everything you organised, it really is a fantastic event.


Suzanne Reid, Capricorn Productions




Initialize Producers' Sessions in Cannes 2012


The programme allowed me to target appropriate producers specifically and immediately instead of having to relying on the usual, broader networking system in place at film festivals. It was very useful to access Ian’s European connections and being introduced to potential co-producers. Since Cannes I have partnered up with one of the producers Ian introduced me to and the project has moved forward considerably. I would definitely recommend the programme to another producer.


Alicia Brown, Optimist Films


The podcasts really helped me prepare for the trip and meeting the guests speakers was a great opportunity to set up meetings. Ian gave me feedback on my slate and I came away with 2 deals with sales agents. Highly recommended.


Ranko Markovic, 360 Productions


The programme as a whole was brilliant. It helped shape and open doors while I was in Cannes and helped us get offers on our feature for UK distribution.


Tanzeal Rahim, The Media Collective



AFM Programme 2011



The meetings set up by Initialize in LA were fantastic. With this support I was able to gain access to a writer who has worked on one of the most successful US TV series of all time. This writer is now attached to TV project I have been developing for some time and it has been put into development by BBC Scotland.


Carole Sheridan, Ecosse Films



The ML trip to the AFM in November proved extremely timely and a perfect opportunity to touch base with a well selected group of industry professions across a broad spectrum of disciplines.


Karen Smyth, La Belle Allee



I had not been to the US for a while so this was a great opportunity to re-establish contact with the centre of the commercial film universe. The quality of the meetings arranged by ID was first-class, and offered us a level of access to real high-level industry players which would otherwise be impossible to achieve on one's own, and especially in such a narrow time-frame.


Peter Broughan, Rob Roy Films




Market Leaders London Meetings - September 2010 - backed by Creative Scotland


This has clearly been a very successful and well managed initiative.


Ian Smith, Producer (The A Team, Children of Men, Seven Years in Tibet)


There was a fantastic range of industry represented - from agents to distributors and financiers - there was genuine interest in what the Scottish Producers are up to; a great opportunity to do a lot business in a short space of time.


Karen Smyth, La Belle Allee


The Market Leaders London session was both highly relevant and motivational, giving producers the perfect mix of context through market case studies, alongside opportunity from individual business meetings.


Claire Mundell, Synchronicity


We were delighted with the calibre of contacts and did excellent business.


Arabella Page-Croft, Black Camel Pictures


Market Leaders' London session proved to be a really effective way to do business. Fitting more than 30 meetings each, along with 2 seminars and informal evening meetings into 3 days would have been impossible without Initialize to organize it all.  The follow up from the meetings I've had has also been extremely positive.


Clare Kerr, Meadkerr




Toronto Lab, TIFF September 2009 - backed by Scottish Screen


It very encouraging and inspiring to part of an industry with this level of support and guidance. I would greatly recommend it to the filmmakers of tomorrow.


Bryan Larkin, Dabhand Films (Running in Traffic)


This was a terrific week for me personally as a producer and also for our whole group.  There are a small number of producers in Scotland who are producing theatrically and capable of delivering in the international market place.  The positioning of the group enabled access to high quality financiers, sales agents and distributors.  I’d certainly want to participate again and encourage other producers to take part.


Arabella Page-Croft, Black Camel Pictures (Outpost, Legacy)


Enjoyed the course, good calibre of supportive fellow participants, also found it practically useful in establishing new network of contacts in North America.


Angus Lamont, Crab Apple Films (Late Night Shopping, Donkey Punch)


The Toronto Initialise Lab was a fantastic experience, both in terms of making contact with individuals and companies in international sales, financing, co-production and distribution, and also in being able to share information and experiences with the other Scottish Producers in the group.


Wendy Griffin (Wasted)


The course was excellent, and exceeded my expectations. The Initialize Toronto Lab was an excellent way to engage with the Toronto Film Festival, allowing me to maximise meeting opportunities well beyond what I could’ve achieved on my own.


Claire Mundell, Synchronicy Films (Crying with Laughter)


Extremely beneficial.   I am in active transatlantic discussions on three of my own projects and one which was brought to me by a Canadian producer.   Real conversations with significant people which will extend the international reach of my company.


Eddie Dick, Makar Productions (Blind Flight, True North, Outcast)




Interdoc Edinburgh 2008 - backed by Scottish Screen


The tutoring was thorough and excellent -– amazing. So far above the call of duty. Interdoc really rocked. Thanks so much to you all!!


Daniel Edelstyn, Optimistic Productions


Interdoc is a fantastically inspiring and enjoyable course. I feel so much more confident now in my understanding of the International marketplace for documentaries and how to navigate my way through that.


Julie Moggan


I think that Interdoc have really plugged a gap by creating this course and have done a brilliant job. I also learnt a huge amount from the other participants and it was a great way to connect with other film makers.


Tanya Stephan