Outpost II (2012)

Produced by:

Arabella Page Croft

Kieran Parker

Executive Producer:​

Jamie Carmichael

Nigel Thomas

Shail Shah

Charlotte Walls


Directed by:

Steve Barker


Financed by:

Creative Scotland

Matador Pictures

South West Scotland Film Commission


International Sales:

ContentFilm International

Film premiered at FrightFest in August 2012.

Arabella Page-Croft, producer of 5 feature films, including The Outpost trilogy

"I have been working with Initialize across our slate which has included several films which have gone into production including OUTPOST II, OUTPOST: RISE OF THE SPETSNAZ and SUNSHINE ON LEITH.

Initialize has set up some important meetings for us with financiers, sales agents, co-producers and distributors, as well as helping us with access to Talent.


As a producer you want to have as many credible options as possible, and Initialize is fantastic at providing the breadth of search with a high level of focus on relevance. It's great to know as a producer that when you go to a meeting or networking event that someone has really carefully considered the relevance of the matchmaking process for each producer and that's exactly what Initialize does so well."