About Us

After working for for several years as a consultant for EU's MEDIA funds and several national film funds, Ian Davies set up Initialize in 2007 and since then has been working with screenwriters, film-makes and producers to help realise and exploit their projects.


First successes came with the award-winning feature documentaries The English Surgeon and Sons of Cuba. Since then Initialize has been commissioned by many national film funds including Creative Scotland, (now Screen Scotland), Danish Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute, Norwegian Film Institute, Finnish Film Foundation, Screen Australia, Irish Film Board and New Zealand Film Commission to work with producers on their projects, with an emphasis on helping to find international partners (finance, Talent, sales, distribution). 


During the last 10 years Intialize has been fortunate enough to work on a wide range of projects: from supporting micro-budget first-time features (either privately financed or through project development schemes such as Film London's Microwave) to helping facilitate major international TV series such as Outlander; from working on grant funded experimental feature documentaries to complex international co-productions.. Initialize has helped realise more than 50 realised feature films and TV series in this period.

Our main areas of work are:

- advising on project development strategy, including  pitch documents, finance plans, co-production strategies, packaging,, sales and distribution options

- co-developing IP

- making introductions to potential partners (Talent agents, sales and distribution companies, financiers, co-producers, facilities)

- advising on deals

Take a look at some of past projects and if you like them (or at least some of them) get in touch!